From New Orleans to Florida: One Year in

The move/transition from New Orleans to Florida has not been easy for me. I feel I am here for the right reasons and am very glad to be here for those reasons, and in some ways I feel more settled than ever (we have a house and yard!!), but there are so many things –Continue reading “From New Orleans to Florida: One Year in”

Introducing: Waxed & Stonewashed Canvas Totes

After more than 10 years of crafting unique, one-off, upcycled leather bags, I’ve decided to give canvas a try. Introducing a new line of waxed and stonewashed canvas bags!

Seeing Things Through: Lessons Learned from Sewing

If nothing else, running this sewing business has pushed me and taught me how to see things through to completion. I don’t know about you, but there are countless times when I started a project with grandiose visions, and then once it got hard or tricky, I made a mistake, or if it required aContinue reading “Seeing Things Through: Lessons Learned from Sewing”

Most Popular Pins

If you’ve seen any of my work on Pinterest, you probably stumbled upon one of these photos. They were made and sold many, many years ago and are now living new lives out there somewhere in the world, but they remain – BY FAR – my most viewed pins! Tell me – what makes themContinue reading “Most Popular Pins”