Uptown Redesigns is an individually owned and operated design studio that produces high-quality handcrafted bags with select vintage and new materials.

Owner and designer Sandy Philpott draws on inspirations from the past and present to design and develop each unique piece.

Originally established as an outlet to bring her creative visions to life by utilizing only existing materials (due to limited start-up funding and self-taught leatherworking skills), the business slowly and organically grew as clients discovered Sandy’s unique talents to transform vintage garments into new bags to suit their current needs.

Clients enjoy shopping Sandy’s continually rotating boutique collection of original designs, and also submit their own discarded garments for specially-ordered custom designs.

After more than 10 years of designing and developing upcycled leather bags from outdated leather garments, Sandy recently expanded her line to also include small, limited-edition batches of durable waxed, water-resistant, and stone-washed canvas bags.

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