New Orleans

Describe New Orleans? Impossible with just words. New Orleans is more of an experience, a feel, an essence – a way of life. It even has its own smell.

There is no place like New Orleans! It is soaked in history, dripping with character, full of sultry soul – a creative mind’s paradise. It is hard to take a step without seeing something interesting or unusual around here!

New Orleans is rebuilding. It is an authentic city that prides itself on history and tradition. Sandy’s bags and processes, in a way, also honor these things by taking materials from the past and rebuilding them for future use. New Orleans is a natural fit for the Uptown Redesigns studio.

Follow Sandy on Instagram to view New Orleans through her eyes, and to catch a glimpse of how she draws inspiration for her work. Also follow the Uptown Redesigns blog for more photos and detailed stories about living and working in New Orleans.

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