New Orleans

Describe New Orleans? Impossible with just words. New Orleans is more of an experience, a feel, an essence – a way of life. It even has its own smell.

Soaked in history, dripping with character, full of sultry soul – New Orleans is a creative mind’s paradise. It is hard to take a step without seeing something interesting or unusual around here.

An old-school city, New Orleans is prides itself on history and tradition.

The Uptown Redesigns Studio

For all of these reasons (an many more!), Uptown Redesigns calls New Orleans home. Sandy’s bags and processes honor New Orleans by utilizing traditional techniques and local inspirations to create new and useful things. New Orleans is a natural fit for the Uptown Redesigns studio.

Note: Uptown Redesigns is currently a private workroom studio that sells via an online shop, but let us know if you are in town and want to arrange an individualized consultation.

Life in New Orleans

Follow Sandy on Instagram to view New Orleans through her eyes, and to catch a glimpse of how she draws inspiration for her work. Also follow the Uptown Redesigns blog for more photos and detailed stories about living and working in New Orleans.

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