Introducing: Waxed & Stonewashed Canvas Totes

Very excited to announce the release of some new work! After more than 10 years of crafting unique, one-off, upcycled leather bags, I’ve decided to give canvas a try. I’m really excited about creating this growing line of bags, as well as the new challenges of creating replicable designs, developing a new workflow and mindset, and of course learning to work with different types of materials.

The first collection of new bags I’m releasing includes a classic everyday tote, featuring two types of canvases: waxed and stonewashed. Inspired from the worn and lived-in feel of vintage leathers I typically work with, I searched long and hard for relaxed, durable, and enduring materials to develop this new collection. I was thrilled when I discovered these unique canvases – such wonderful quality with the promise of developing ongoing character and comfort with continued use and love.

Waxed Canvas

Dark Navy Blue Waxed Canvas Tote

The waxed canvas is really incredible. After some research and testing, I decided to go with a very high-quality Martexin Original Waxed Canvas. This finish is a unique fabric treatment that provides a lifelong resistance to inclement weather. This is really great as water (and other liquids) will bead up and repel off the surface of the canvas, thus protecting your bag from the elements (I tested this – it works!).

Brown Waxed Canvas Tote

And a fun side-effect of this waxed coating is that the fabric will actually start to develop a beautiful aged patina over time as the waxy surface moves around and creates creases and signs of distress (very much like leather). Thus your plain canvas tote will actually start looking really cool and aged as you use it, and is sure to become your favorite bag over time!

Stonewashed Canvas

Stack of stonewashed canvas fabrics

I’ve worked with vintage, worn canvas before, and there really is nothing like it. It’s unique because of its continued durability while becoming more comfortable and faded with every use. However, it was difficult to source such such vintage canvas to develop more than one or two bags. But after searching a bit more I was lucky enough to stumble upon this collection of “stonewashed” canvas.

Stonewashed Canvas Tote Bag

These fabrics are thick and sturdy, yet have the visual effect of old, faded vintage canvas. They arrive already worn-in, but I take the extra step of pre-washing them again to develop even more lived-in comfort and texture.

This canvas is largely cotton, but also has a touch of polyester which really helps with wrinkling. Therefore, if you want or need to wash your stonewashed canvas bag again in the future, you should be safe to give it a spin in the machine, with perhaps a short tumble in the drier followed by a full drying session out in the sun or open air.

Minimalist, Classic Styling

It was no mistake that I made these bags as simple and streamlined as possible with limited materials and additions. With so many bags on the market with so many deliberately added bells and whistles, I purposely strived to present a simple, very usable every-day tote bag in a reasonable size that is suitable for most body types. This minimalism also includes a handy hidden sewn-in magnetic closure to limit the external hardware additions.

Interior of a tote bag showing pockets

There are no fancy internal compartments (aside from two pockets for your phone, keys and small essentials), so you are free to load it up as you see fit!

I’ve made and carried a few bags with these exact dimensions and have been thrilled to easily handle a day’s worth of items without overwhelming my shoulder or my overall outfit (pouch, camera, phone, hat, water bottle, sunscreen, etc.). Easy to cart your essentials, yet small enough to tuck away when necessary. It is the perfect day-tote!

Small Batch Production

I hope you enjoy exploring these new bags as much as I enjoyed designing and making them! I will be working on a small-batch production basis now, so I should always have a few of these canvas bags on hand ready to ship but will continue to make more as needed to fill incoming orders.

Also stay tuned for additional future designs and colors. I envision a few larger totes – carry-on/work-bags and a larger weekender to name a few. Zip pouches are probable too! And as always – please do let me know if you have any special requests or individual questions/needs. And, yes, I will still be making more upcycled leather bags too!

Published by Uptown Redesigns

After 10 glorious years living in New Orleans, making upcycled leather bags and loving every bit of living in our city, we made a big move to the sunny shores of Florida. An adjustment for sure, but life is still good. Enjoying our new beachy lifestyle, our 1960 home, and digging in the dirt of our large backyard.

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